Sunday, July 30, 2006

Knitting with Broomsticks and Rope

Dear Cynthia,

I'm not *actually* knitting with broomsticks and rope, but it seems that way.

(By the way, thanks **so much** to everybody who commented about my Summer in Kansas! It is sooo nice to be able to share the "thrill of victory" with others, and I really appreciated your kind words!)

As quite a contrast to my shawl (lace weight yarn, size 5 needles), I'm now working on my own design for a felted bag (double strand of worsted weight, size 13 needles). I bought some yarn to use for this project, but then I thought I'd make a (slightly smaller) prototype version, first.....just to make sure that my calculations about what is going to happen when I shrink it in the washer are at least in the ball park (though now that I think about it, a swatch would have been MUCH quicker).....(but hey, if it turns out nicely, I'll have a hostess gift to take with me on a trip later this summer.....). And so, I've pulled out my bag of leftover worsted weight 100% feltable wool, and am sort of hap-hazardly putting the colors together as I go.... I'm also thinking (hoping?) that the colors will be somewhat muted once it is felted, but we'll see! I'll be sure to share the "before" and "after" photos with you! I'm roughly halfway done with the knitting, and expect it will all be completed in the next few days.....

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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Marie N. said...

Making the prototype is a great idea. A pair of slippers I intended to make for myself ended up going to my duaghter because I (wash machine) felted for too long. Lesson learned!