Thursday, August 10, 2006

So close....

Dear Laura:

Four rows to go!! 3200 stitches, then a crocheted edging. So very close! These last four rows of knitting have no pattern - it's four rows of plain stockinette. *k1* repeat 3200 times! ;)

As I knit the final row with pattern repeats, I did a final count of each repeat and removed the stitch markers all the way around, so now it looks like this, all plain and white and frothy!

I also have forgotten to note a very important tip. When knitting lace, put away those fun little "charm" stitch markers. I was using one to mark the beginning/end of a round. One day it caught on a stitch a few rows back, and by time I could rescue the thing, I had a good size pull of yarn to work back in.

I like to use small pieces of scrap yarn tied into a small loop for stitch markers. On most projects, the plastic rings leave an "uneven" place between stitches where I knitted around them. I don't have that problem with yarn markers. Plus I always have little bits of yarn in my bag somewhere for those emergency marking needs!

As soon as this is blocking, I'm going to focus entirely on my intarsia blanket that I have been knitting for my niece. Yes, the one that was her graduation present. Just over 2 years ago. (Shame)

I need to get that done and out of the way....because I have another niece who is a senior this year and it's time to get going on her blanket already. (I already told her no flowers. NO intarsia!)

Hope you're having a great trip - we're about to get a bodacious storm!!

Keep knitting,

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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