Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm going backwards....and proud of it!

Dear Laura:

Well, it was quite a weekend!

I've been working on "the blanket that will not die" pretty steadily. It's complex intarsia, with beads. After finishing the baptismal shawl, I dug it out and untangled all the yarn and "located" the directions and charts. I determined that I had 3 striped squares (easy-peasy) and 3 crazy intarsia squares left to knit.

I've finished one of each and am on the 2nd-to-the-last intarsia squares. Here's a picture of the process.

Is it any wonder that I don't love intarsia!?!?!

On Saturday, Not Worthy and The Rebellious Pastor's Wife came over to knit and watch a ball game. The big event was that Not Worthy finished her very first project!! She made a hat from Cascade 220, a basic hat pattern knitted in the round with a picot-edge hem. She did a great job! (Stop by her blog to see a picture!) She is now hard at work on her second project, a pair of Fuzzy Feet slippers. I think it's a great intro to socks - it goes quickly because it's going to be felted. She has already finished the cuff and the heel flap - she off and running now!

(I also had a report back from The Rebellious Pastor's Wife. While here (working on her lace scarf) she even mentioned that she can't work on lace in a group setting where she will be talking. She reported the next day that she is going to have to redo everything she did while telling us that!)

I worked on a stripe block of the blanket, so that was pretty mindless stockinette stitch. I also paged through The Knitters Handbook by XRX to see if there was information that might be helpful to a beginner. Then I noticed that in the knitting intstructions, they included a great demonstration of knitting backwards, which I have been curious about and unable to imagine.

That evening, when I started the next instarsia square, I gave it a try. I knitted the first row, then instead of turning and purling back, I "knitted backwards" across the row. It worked so well that I continued to do that, even when I got to the place where I was changing colors. In fact, I can see using that instead of purling fairly often. It seems particularily well suited to the Continental or left-handed knitter.

The baptism on Sunday was wonderful. I got all choked up, seeing my very first Godchild bringing her first child to the font. And wrapped in the lace shawl that I made as well! ;) They really loved the shawl, and that was great. We had a dinner at their house after the service and I got to hold that pretty little girl for quite a while.

Click on the picture for a summary of the project in pictures.....


Keep knitting!!
Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


YarnThrower said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'story page' you linked to regarding the baptism. And, you look so great in the photo. What a wonderful day!

Backward knitting, eh? I'm going to have to try that..... Sounds like your progress on the intarsia is going well now that you're re-visiting it. WOW, I'm intimidated just thinking about doing all of that intarsia with beads......

Well, we're off for another mini-vacation later today, sometime after I stop at the pharmacy for more cold meds... Before I became a mother, I had some mistaken notion that moms never got sick...BUT the reality is that moms DO get sick AND still must be fully functional....

More soon! Have a great week!

Marie N. said...

The completed shawl is a lovely heirloom to be terasured.

I'm curious abou the knitting backwards -- thanks for the link. I've been encouraged to experiement with continental knitting techniques, but I have not given it a serious try. The knitting backwards sounds more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Designated Knitter for your wonderful teaching! I'm really enjoying my new hobby of knitting. I'm sorry to hear The Rebellious Pastor's Wife has to redo what she got done on Saturday. I guess we all had too much to catch up on.
Not Worthy