Saturday, July 01, 2006

POETRY (Amazing Lace Challenge #3)

Ode to Summer in Kansas

(first, the rhyming part)

My Summer in Kansas,
Taped on the window glass...
If there's one thing you do well,
It's that you can really kick my...

...brain into high gear,
Counting all the stitches.
K2tog's and SSK's,
And other sons-of-...

have distracted me as I knit.
And sometimes when this happens,
You'll hear me screaming...rats!

(now, the free-form part)

Oh, my dear Summer in Kansas, with your 160 main body rows, and your 890 knitted-on-border rows (of which I have completed only 261), and your picked up stitches along the top edge (which I am too afraid to count)...

My dear, dear Summer in Kansas, let us please complete this journey together before my new deadline of August 4th...

And, my dear, dear, dear shawl, please bloom when you are blocked so that I will not cry whenever I look at you in the pile with all the other car-washing rags.


earthchick said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Laura, the shawl looks beautiful! And I love your poem.

sloth-knits said...

Love the poem!