Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yes, by the way, I did finish by Monday evening!

Dear Laura:

In fact, I finished before I went to bed on Sunday night! This is a really fast knit. When we chatted on Sunday, I had only the left front and 1/2 of the back to knit. Sewing up took longer than expected, and then there was the finish ribbing. I took the picture this morning, and it is blocking even now.
So, when we left off the Convergence report, I was once again wandering the vendor tables. I was searching for Julie, and when I found her, we decided to head for the area where there was a knitting & spinning area. We stopped by a booth that had materials for Japanese weaving, The Braidershand. They had a small starter kit....

Despite the chant in my head "I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head...." I became intrigued and....well....I bought the 6" disk and some E-Z-Bobs and some threads to weave. I don't really know why.....but I did.

After I started looking at the weaving threads more closely, I noticed that it really is THREAD and I thought I should have something less fine to start out with. As I sat thinking about it, something in my head clicked, and I remember seeing "mini-skiens" of silk in a fingering weight. So one last mad dash through the vendors, while the announcement that the exhibit was closing...and I picked up these mini-skeins to start out with. (Reminded me of the Stitches we went to, and I came out of my top-down sweater class needing the perfect yarn to make my class project into a sweater for my niece - remember?)

So, I haven't started yet.....but I have the stuff.

I did spend time today on the lace shawl. I had moved my lifeline last week, and made about 8 rows of progress. (Let's see, each row is 8 repeats of a 30-32 stitch pattern....that's....a bunch of stitches per row, and it's only about 12" around....) So last night, I noticed a problem about 7 rows back, and after sleeping on it, decided I was going to have to go back to the lifeline. (Big Hole) I picked up again at the life line, and kept running into problems in several of the pattern repeats. Eventually I determined that there were problems BEFORE the life line. So, I am unhappily tinking back a few more rows. Remind me again why we are knitting lace??

Do you have your sweater sewn together??

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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