Monday, July 24, 2006

No More Counting

Dear Cynthia,

Well, I suppose there will be more counting again for other projects, but for Summer in Kansas, my counting days are done. (YAY!)

I finished all 890 rows of the knitted on border.

Then, I did the knitting and purling to pick up the stitches along the top edge. All that remains is to complete the "picot bind-off", which is another new technique (of many) I learned during this project, but which isn't too bad....and then, what we've all been waiting for.....The Blocking. I'll hopefully have pictures of that to show you on Wednesday!

Marie -- Thank you for your kind comments to the blog! I haven't picked out which colors I'm going to use for the Noni bag yet. If you think of any colors which you think would be particularly nice, I'm all ears! I'm also sort of watching Wendy's progress on her Noni bag (scroll down toward the end of her posting). She is adding feet to hers, a zipper, a lining, and handles of I'll be watching what she posts later today to see how it's going.

Time to finish this week's grocery list. Mondays are really busy days here, because I try to get most of my big "chores" completed on Mondays.....

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Marie N. said...

Yarn Thrower,
What color? hmmm... I have not carried a good purse since I became a mom 9 years ago! If it were me I'd want it to coordinate or match the coat or outfit I intended to wear most when I carried it. I'm partial to classic designs (lots of solid colors) but stripes increase the outfits the bag will coordinate with a lot. The felted flowers on the photo you show are a nice touch. They could be in a contrast color too. The bag with feet sounds like a lot of fun.

Laura said...

Hi Laura, I'm dropping by as part of the Amazing Lace pit stop. I can't wait to see that shawl! It looks gorgeous already!

--Laura from affiknitty