Thursday, July 13, 2006

Party Central

Dear Cynthia,

I am so thankful for this blog, and for the people who responded to my plea for help regarding the sun screen issue. After the screaming incident on Monday, we had a rain day on Tuesday, so a break from all sun screen on that day, which allowed a lot of healing. Then, yesterday, before swimming lessons, we ran to the Lands End section of Sears and found SPF 40 swim shirts for the boys to wear, so presto, no sun screen required on the areas which had been most sensitive -- namely, their chests and backs. I'm still going to check around at some of the places recommended in the comments in order to find less chemical-filled sunscreens, because even using the baby sun screen, my fore arms are starting to itch like crazy. I did find some for $26 per three ounces, but I think I will do some more comparison shopping before I resign myself to paying that much -- That much money could buy enough yarn for a shawl!!

Anyway, my five year old is turning six, and we are having his first, ever, birthday party in which he may invite friends over. It is this Saturday, so because I have been knitting so much (but am not showing progress of it here today -- picture everything I'm working on as you've already seen it, only a few inches longer, and you'll be up to speed), it means I really have to pull some things together for the party before Saturday, which means today and tomorrow. The picture shows some burlap and some rejected crummy old white tee-shirts which my husband placed in the rag pile. I'm going to sew this stuff into "bases" (as in first, second, third, and home plate, the latter of which my son informed me must be shaped like an upside down house) for kick ball, which my son just loves. It is a party at the park, because I think that's where kids should be in their summer free time! We will play kick ball, paint tee-shirts, and eat pizza and cake. They are predicting temperatures of 93 degrees for that I must buy more bottled water for the party..... Anyway, time to get things moving here today.....

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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