Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yarn Expedition......

Dear Laura:

Yesterday was an exciting lunch - we took a trip to
Cass Street Depot for YARN! (tee hee!) Knitting at Lunch and Crocheting at My Own Pace and I had a grand time feeling up all the yarn!

I know this will surprise you....but I walked out with the biggest bag. Sshhhhhh....

Here's the haul:

Now, don't freak out or anything, it's not quite as bad as it looks.

First of all, the front ball of yarn is Dream Colors - a hand-painted worsted-weight that is YUMMY merino. This is to make a hat for a co-worker who had to have her dog put down this week. It's really hard for her, and we wanted to do something to bring her some comfort. (Angela is making a scarf, and Lauren some fetching - so she'll have a matching set.)

The brightest ball on the left was the only ball they had of this baby yarn. I have a ball or two in my stash, and wanted to be sure I had enough for Knitting for Bubba. Pfft - it's just one ball!

In the back is two balls of a CHUNKY-ON-STEROIDS yarn from Schoeller & Stahl. I think it's actually called "Big Ball." I saw the cutest baby blanket in this yarn - it's basically the diagonal dishcloth pattern knit on with this huge yarn on huge needles. One of the gals at Knitting Guild said she made several and it only takes an hour or so to make one! These last two balls in the store were in the SALE BIN. They weren't marked, but Sandy gave them to me for $15 each. I looked online, and MFRP is $28 each, so I was tickled with the price!

So see? Not so very irresponsible. And everything is for a current project - nothing for "stash enhancement." What? Oh, the other three balls of yarn? Nicely colored? That is a new yarn called "Seven." It colors per ball. Hence the name. It's one of those yarns that looks like it's a knitted tube. A fine merino - very soft. I was looking at it, and Sandy mentioned that she'd been meaning to knit a scarf for a store sample and just hadn't gotten to it. I laughed and said, "Want me to do it for you?" She said yes!!! I get to knit this yarn and see how it feels and what it looks like.......FOR FREE!!! And you know that as a process knitter, that's the part I care about!

I can't wait! I'm going to get to it this weekend.

So, that's the story of the Yarn Expedition!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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