Thursday, February 22, 2007

Won't buy any lottery tickets today!

Dear Cynthia (and other friends),

The amount of yarn in one hank of Classic Elite "Lush" Angora Wool is 124 yards.The amount of yarn required to make the mobius scarf, even with the pattern reduced by seven rows, is 125 yards.The number of stitches which cannot be bound off without first splicing on the second hank of yarn is 34. AAUGH!

So, not a good day for me to be buying lottery tickets, not that I ever have -- I figure I've already paid enough taxes in other forms..... Thankfully, I had an extra hank of this yarn on hand.

I omitted some rows in a couple of areas of the pattern, because I didn't think the extra length was necessary. I'm happy with how it turned out, though I did have to mess with it a little bit in order to arrange it for this picture....poor quality "bathroom mirror" snapshot that it is....but it gives you an idea of the thing.I think it will work nice as a dressy little "scarf" thingy under my dressy winter coat, or by itself as an accent to a plain top.

In other news, my six year old was telling us the other night about a kid at school whose backpack he zipped open (which is, apparently, a mean thing to do). DH and I asked him why he did this. It sounded like the kid had previously pushed my six year old, or something like that. Anyway, DH was encouraging our son to try to be nice to the kid, anyway, because it's "easy to be mean to somebody who is mean to you". I added that "it takes a special kind of person to be **nice** to somebody who is mean to you". Dear son asked, "Who's that?"

There are many things which, if you survive them, make you stronger. Parenting is clearly one of those things.....

Anyway, warm regards!
Laura (YarnThrower)


Elizabeth said...

My kids would say something like that, too.

Love the scarf! I'm glad you had an extra bit on hand.

Lauren said...

I dont get it... i still want to know who this special person is!!!!!!! (ha ha ha)

The mobius is beautiful! I still dont understand how it is knit though. Maybe I will have to try one to get it!