Sunday, February 25, 2007

Can you spot the mailbox in this photo?

Dear Cynthia and other friends,

Seriously, can you spot the mailbox in this photo?We got **ahem** some snow. Fortunately, the snow plows have cleared the roads. It is up to each of us, however, to clear the end of the driveway after the snow plow goes by...But, it's the kind of really dense, heavy snow that sticks together really well for fun projects! Here is my four year old (mittens from Bev Galeskas' "Felted Knits", scarf using yarn dyed with Kool-Aid and "one row" scarf pattern from Yarn Harlet -- Had to get the knitting content in **somewhere** in this post) with his new friend -- a snow man which is taller than I am, though I think much, much heavier, and I would know, because I struggled to lift his middle up from ground level to belly level....
And so, "they" are telling all of us not to drive today unless absolutely necessary. That's okay, because we have a big **party** planned. At 3:00, the #1 ranked basketball team in the whole nation (for the first time in the history of the school), also known as the WISCONSIN BADGERS, will be playing the #2 ranked basketball team in the whole nation, The Ohio State University Buckeyes. The boys and I are all wearing our Badger garb, and we each picked out a snack to make this morning for us to enjoy during the game this afternoon (which will be televised on CBS -- good news for us, because we don't have cable tv....). Afterwards, it's going to be a homemade pizza for one day, I guess it's okay to be "snowed in".

Tomorrow, however, there better be school!!

More about knitting in my next post. I'll have some time, now that the shovelling is done for the time being, and I'll be sitting in front of a basketball game for a couple of hours today.....

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Elizabeth said...

It would have been the perfect day to go to Woodmans, if only it weren't for the snow!!! (I always try to go shopping when the Badgers or Packers have a big game: love those empty aisles!)

The snow plow just barely (8 pm) came into our circle and gave us a really intimidating plow ridge. I'm too sore from the shoveling I've already done to think about tackling that. Mr. SABLE is still running his fever and definitely has flu.

I hope you all enjoyed the storm!

Lauren said...

Go bucks! I mean,.. um... dont kill me! haha.

Hope you stay all cozy inside, sounds like a fun evening!

Cindy G said...

Hmmmm, looks suspiciously just like out driveway on Sunday. And boy that snow was heavy. The oxox ski band looks lovely, and the yarn sounds just wonderful.