Monday, February 12, 2007

I thought it said hamburger.....

Dear Laura:

First of all, LOVE the slippers - they look very comfy!

Well, I thought I was going to post all weekend. I can't even claim to being too busy - in fact it was a lovely lazy weekend. I got some things done, but basically if I felt like sitting around and knitting, that's exactly what I did! One of the perks of the single life is the occasional Saturday to putz around the house.

I did get laundry done, and a little cleaning, plus I cooked. I thawed hamburger for a meatloaf and also a roast. Yesterday I mixed the egg, tomato, onion and salt, and went to add the hamburger. I thought as I unwrapped it that it had leaked quite a bit for hamburger....and then it didn't really look like I double-checked the label. You know, you can't really make meatloaf out of "Beef Liver."

It's a good thing that I love liver as much as meatloaf!

So, I did get some knitting done this weekend! First of all, I finished the brown/green hat for my brother.

From Knitting Pict...

He spent all day Saturday cutting wood, while I furiously knit to the finish. I got the hat to him in the afternoon, just as he was finishing stacking the wood. He said after working all day and still being cold, he'd worked up a sweat after wearing the hat for just 10 minutes. A wool hat is much warmer than a cotton sweatshirt hood! He was really excited to have it, so that was cool.

Last Thursday, I finished the chart and bound off the first sleeve of the baby sweater. Then I happened to check the directions, which clearly stated..."Knit the sleeve chart. Sleeve should measure 9". Purl 5 rows for facing." Right. Facing. And 9"? Mine was about 8.5". Fine. So I pulled out the bind-off and knit another 1/2" and started purling. Then, just for kicks, I measured to be sure I was at 9". I was at 9.5" I don't know WHY I am so tape-measure challenged, but I frogged back to 9" and then added the facing. I'm not gonna measure it again. I'll make the second sleeve to match and it will be as long as it will be!
From Knitting Pict...

I cast on for the second sleeve and am about 1/2" through the lady bug stripe. Once I get through this, I won't have to do the fiddly little pattern on dpns anymore. I'm actually very happy that I did these sleeves first, because I can see this would be the portion of the project that would make finishing iffy. If I had done the body first, the kid might end up with a vest......

I also made some progress on the blanket and February socks, so it was a good weekend!

Keep knitting! (And don't forget to eat some beef liver!)

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)

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RPW said...

That's some nice green yarn in that hat ;)

I had a nutrition professsor who said (repeatedly) that polar bear liver has so much iron in it that it can kill she's not taking a chance with anything else. It probably wasn't a scientific or academic opinion on her part, but I concur....