Friday, October 20, 2006

You saw it here first....

Dear Laura:

So, poll results!

Really, only one person saw that the most important thing to me was getting rid of the infestation of monster spiders that has plagued me. I guess I have been remiss in posting about how ginormous and creepy these spiders are. I was consoling myself that at least they were keeping the mouse poplulation down, they were that big. On the evening that I killed EIGHT of them before bedtime, I decided if there were that many that I saw, I did not want to know how many I didn't see. I moved to an upstairs bedroom (because spiders don't climb stairs, right??)

So, first things first, I set out the spider traps. (Which are working in that spiders are being trapped, but I'm still finding spiders outside the traps.)

Then I unpacked the laptop. It had been gone for a WHOLE WEEK! During which time I'd gotten a new camera that I was dying to hook up. And I'd missed so much blogging and stuff.... so the computer was second.

And finally (the next day at lunch, actually!) I unpacked my set of KnitPick's Options needles. I will say, in defense of all of you, that the reason I thought to post a poll was that I was surprised at myself for not grabbing the knitting first.

Once I got settled down a bit, I moved my current scarf project off of my rosewood circulars and onto a new needle. I really love it! I love the pointy end and the smooth tips. I actually have not had any problems with the yarn catching at the joins - which I cannot say of either of my usual Inox or Addi Turbos. They are a great value for the price. My greatest hope now is that they will come out with a 16" cable and then I'll be set from size 4 on up. And if they could make a second set with a small enough join from size 0-3, I would gladly abandon any other circulars.

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

I looked at their double points also...$3.99 for a set of five nickle plateds. I would be scared that things would be slipping off, but at that price, I wouldn't mind trying

I was actually surprised you didn't go for the computer first. You have needles all over your house (probably with spiders crawling all over them, from the way you tell it) but I've listened to you about your computer all week! (:

Designated Knitter said...

LOL - Actually, I think I did the traps first also because I wanted everything done so I could settle in to my chair with the computer and not have to get other things done. Hopefully it will be a while before you have to hear about my computer again!!

Actually, I did order a set of DPN's to try because it is a great price......