Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nothing amazing here.....

Dear Laura:

Wow! You are the knitting queen! I'm completely amazed at what all you're doing right now. I have some vague thoughts of "Christmas knitting," but I'm thinking fuzzy feet, not color-work sweaters! Knit on!

I'm still in the depths of the black-hole-of-no-technology. Not a happy place for a blogger! I did get a new digital camera, so pictures will be forthcoming....but the laptop is off being repaired again. When they replaced the modem, they somehow "broke" whatever lets the computer recognize that I have additional RAM..... This time they are going to "put a super-rush on it, so they'll be more thorough." Yeah, I always think 'go faster" is the same as "more thorough."

Such as the case with the upside-down hood on the Halloween costume. If I had been telling you, "Super rush on that...." you'd have obviously skipped the part where you put the hood on wrong and had to redo it, right?

I'm still knitting on a reversible hat for my Goddaughter Mags. I have a few more inches and then I can begin the final decreases. If I had anything like the normal amount of knitting time last week, this hat would be done. However, I didn't and it isn't. I'm hoping for this week. (I'm having to work through my lunch hours again this week to make up time I took off for family matters. Working a temp job is a pain because you don't get any paid vacation or personal time, but I'm thankful that they will at least let me make up the time.....)

Plus my right arm aches. Not just the hand, but all the way up to my shoulder. Mostly when I'm typing (!) not so much when I'm knitting, So I'm trying to pace myself on all of it to see if that helps.


Keep knitting!


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