Thursday, October 19, 2006

More of the same

Dear Cynthia,

In a fit of desperation for what to do with my hair, I spontaneously made an appointment for this past Tuesday night to get a perm. This morning I threw caution to the wind, and in an act of defiance against all of "hair science", I decided to wash my hair 14 hours prematurely (instead of waiting the full 48 hours). I just really have a hard time going a couple of days without washing my hair. In any case, things seem okay, which is about the level I aim for with my hair, anyway, so life is good, and I like that it looks much fuller without having to tease it and spray it full of hair spray.

In other less exciting news, work on Hardangervidda continues. I'm in the middle of the 8th skein, which means 2 1/2 (100meter) skeins to knit before next Wednesday in order to officially be "on schedule". I'm roughly 10 inches from the turning ridge, and colorwork begins again when I get to 17 inches. On this pattern, I was supposed to switch to size 3 needles for the solid black part of the knitting. However, the colorwork areas, which are knit on size 4 needles, really weren't cinching the fabric at all, so I stayed with the size 4 needles for the one color sections, too, which gives me the proper gauge, anyway.

Well, another chilly, rainy day today. We have two trees in our front yard which are about to change to their brilliant fall colors of yellow and bright red -- they are gorgeous during this time of year.

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Marie N. said...

It is fun to follow the progress.

allisonmariecat said...

Lovely work! You've made so much progress.

I had a spiral perm circa 1989-90, which means that I will never, ever have a perm again (think Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan). However, I understand they're quite nice nowadays, so I hope you're enjoying yours :)