Monday, February 07, 2011

Thank you!

Greetings and Dear Laura:

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful mittens that you sent! I love them – they are cozy and warm and pretty AND they are in my current-obsession-color – light green! What a happy day at the mailbox!

Congrats on last night’s big win by the Packers. My brother has always been a Packers fan and his wife has always been a Steelers fan (talk about your mixed marriage!) and so I tried to stay as neutral as possible. However, there was a drawing at work and I had to pick one or the other to put my name in and so I went with the Packers. I ended up winning a $20 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings – so YAY PACKERS!!

Thank you to Cindy G for your comment on my last post. I’m still finding projects to package together, and I’m way past 12 – there are currently 21 projects in the basket and I have 3 or 4 more waiting to be printed and packaged. I don’t know if you noticed my copy of “A Cuff Above” in the picture, but I have two projects from it in the basket – the cover socks, and the Lucy Anklet socks. I spent quite a bit of time at Stitches Midwest last summer, choosing the perfect yarns for the cover socks, so I hope they get pulled out of the basket soon!

Since I want the choosing process to be random, I asked my mom to visit the stash and pick a bag. My February project will be Spud and Chloe socks in a medium-blue Spud and Chloe yarn! And as soon as I finish the last 20 or so rows of the Norwegian Rose socks (groan!) I’ll be casting on for those. Meanwhile, I put each project in my Ravelry Queue with the tag ‘2011Project’ so to facilitate allowing others to choose for me remotely. Watch this space for opportunities to ‘boss-me-around-about-knitting!’

Lea-Ann commented about Kitchener on a fingerless mitt project. That is indeed what it was. Nancy made them from the Not Just More Socks book, (Ravelry link) and they are knit flat, sideways, and then grafted together. They are very cute!

In other news, how bad is it that I haven’t knit an inch of my yarn from Stitches Midwest 2011 but all I can think about is saving up for Stitches Midwest 2012??

Keep knitting!
Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)


Lauren said...

1. You blogged AGAIN???? Are you feeling OK??

2. Ooh good idea with your rav queue! Can I pick the next project??? Can I can I???? :-)

3. Nothing wrong with thinking ahead to stitches! There's no rule that you have to knit with the yarn you bought!!! Hehe

Cindy G said...

Ooh, those are pretty mitts!

Well, yes, ahem, I did notice the book (blush). Seriously, I'm proud to think a couple patterns are in the project line up.