Monday, May 31, 2010


Greetings and Dear Laura:

You're really cranking out projects!  I love the bags and the blanket - you're getting good production from your sewing jag. 

I'm not getting anywhere near the rate of finished objects, but I'm keeping at it.  I managed to get the top of the February Lady Sweater done, and so I've put the sleeves on holders, and that makes the rows shorter. Yay!


I'm also working on a sock project - the Norwegian Rose pattern from Wendy Johnson's new "Toe Up Socks for Every Body."  I'm enjoying this pattern - I'm doing it as a store model for Knitting Today, and therefore it will be up to me if I just want to do one sock for display, or do the second one and eventually get them back.  So far I'm leaning toward doing this one for the store to meet the deadline (August) but we'll see.


Last night, I was invited to my brother's house for a bonfire, and of course I wanted something to knit that was not a.) a big hot sweater on my lap or b.) a complicated colorwork project.  I grabbed a WIP that has been resting for a while, a pair of basic socks in a sport weight yarn. I've had these on the needles for AGES - and I've had the first sock done for some time. I pulled them out, and the toe of the second sock was done, I was ready to start the foot.  I had a lovely evening visiting around the fire, and spent a little time on them while I watched a baseball game this afternoon, and ta-da! I'm ready for the heel.  How could I have forgotten how quickly sport-weight socks knit up??


That's it for today - keep knitting! (Or sewing....)

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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marit said...

Gorgeous colour on your Feb.Lady!
The Norwegian rose is lovely, it's fun to see all our traditional patterns adapted and transformed, and knit in a rainbow of colours! Inspiring!

I really need to get a pair of "plain" socks on the needles for "everywhere" knitting...

joven said...

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