Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am a SPT-3

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

Remember me? I finished my core PT classes, and have only six weeks of classes this summer, sort of a hodge podge of stuff we haven't covered in classes yet, but which, apparently, is critical going forward...and then clinicals for 30 more weeks after that. I can't believe I am at this point! I'm thankful that I'm here! This adventure has had "God's fingerprints" all over it, judging by the way so many things and people just fell into place at appropriate times. Truly, I am thankful. And my family and I are all feeling the effects of a significant reduction in my stress level. Big, happy sigh!

Knitting?? Well, ahem, still working on the Two Hearts sweater. It is off the needles, and I am sewing in the first sleeve:
As you can see, my photography still stinks. Just wanted to give you the gist of where I am on the sweater...More details/modifications when I post (better) photos of it when it is finished and I am wearing it :-)

With no classes for the next three weeks, and kids still in school, it is *possible* that I will be able to:
1.) Finish this sweater (to be able to store it all summer, until it is really needed in fall...)
2.) Give some attention to some housekeeping around here -- I'm the only one in the house bothered by the thick layer of dust (which fortunately has been tempered by several flat surfaces being protected by transient textbooks lying on top of them)...
3.) Finish cleaning the basement -- I actually made progress on this during this past semester by putting away one item each day for a few weeks, though I think one hour more of concentrated effort will "seal the deal.", there was a "green" day in our small town which allowed me to get rid of some (still usable) fixtures which we changed out a few years ago but hadn't yet discarded.

There is also the small matter of a graduation gift I want to make for my nephew, as well as a really fun bag pattern to my three weeks will go quickly, though I'll try to keep you posted as I go.

Also, I have kept up with my blog reading, and enjoy being able to keep track of what my knit blog friends are doing, in knitting and otherwise!

Keeping it short(er) for today, though there is much to tell about things happening here... I have a business partner and we wrote up an essay/entered a contest for an original PT business idea, which we are actually planning to implement within the next year and a half regardless of how we do in the contest...

And my kids continue to fill me with joy and slight exasperation at the same time...

More soon, I promise! It's been almost four months since my last post, and I've missed you!

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


marit said...

Nice to have you back! Enjoy your vacation- good luck with finishing the sweater, it looks great! But sewing in sleeves is not much fun...

Cindy G said...

Once again, I am in awe of your mad cable skilz. It's looking beautiful.