Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pickin' and Throwin' -- in the same room!

So much yarn, so little time.

This is the second time ever that we have posted to the blog together. It has been over two years since we've seen each other in person! Thankfully, the Sow's Ear was open until 8:30 this evening, so we were able to make a yarn excursion and sit and chat for a while.

There was some **small** stash enhancement. Any progress that Laura made in terms of stash reduction by making dishrags in the Mission Possible endeavor was nullified by her purchase of Peaches and Cream (which was considered a necessary expense, since all of the dishclothes knit so far this year have already been given away.) Cynthia picked up some Noro to add to her growing Lizard Ridge blanket stash, some yarn for another blanket buddy, and some dishcloth cotton. Really, the least amount of dollars we've ever spent on yarn when we've been out to a yarn store together, EVER!

Poor Cynthia. Had to frog, but such a nice smile!
(Note to Lauren -- The Fetching hat is not finished yet -- see photo above...)
(Also, that is NOT a beer in the photo -- it's a SMOOTHIE! Really... That's whipped cream on top, and not suds!)

Cynthia says that it should be noted that Laura made progress on Ibenholt without frogging, though Cynthia missed the part in which three inches of cable work was ripped over the weekend... More on that later.

Well, time for some zzzzzz's.

Warm regards and Keep knitting!

Laura (YarnThrower) and Cynthia (Designated Knitter)


marit said...

How nice to see you together! Have fun- I love reading your blog:-)

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, how fun!

Really the stash enhancement all sounds like essential purchases to me :)

Sus said...

Yay!! The Picker and the Thrower are finally together again! Have a wonderful time, girls -- and then tell us all about it!!

Cindy G said...

OK, that's one LYS down....and how many to go?

Have lots of fun!

Elizabeth said...

Yay, what fun to see you together!

Hey Laura, I have a bunch of dishcloth cotton I could destash on you if you want it. I'll bring it Saturday.

Marie N. said...

I have not been to a real yarn shop in ages. You make it look like lots of fun!