Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Greetings and Dear Laura:

Last week was an interesting week for me. I usually don't blog about my job, and that is certainly not the focus today, but I am going to explain a few things.

The "project" we've been working on "went live" last week ("Roll-Out 1") and since I was responsible for one of the processes, I spent 53 hours in "The Command Center" for "Production Support," otherwise know as "The Seventh Circle of Hell (T7CoH)" Ok, it wasn't THAT bad, most of the time, but there were moments. However, it was my first "Go Live" and so I was pretty nervous. I had mixed feelings about my parents leaving for KY on Monday, because while I was looking forward to the quiet at home, I certainly missed having my cooking and laundry taken care of! ;)

The bottom line, and what this has to do with knitting, is that really, work was the ONLY thing that happened last week. I got up early, spent 10-12 hours in T7CoH, came home, opened a can of soup, fell into my chair and napped until bedtime. Never took a lunch break. DIDN'T KNIT A STITCH! And if there was ever a time I should have been knitting.....

Anyway, my parents spent the week being amused at my "lapses in concentration" about anything not related to T7CoH. "Did you remember to wear shoes?" Yes, but I had to change out of my sneakers, since it wasn't jeans day. "Did you remember to let your dog out?" Yes (but I had to have my sil go and check to be sure.) Etc, etc. So on my way home from work Friday, my mother helpfully reminded me that I had two birthday parties to attend over the weekend.


"Shoot. I need to finish knitting presents for those."


"And by 'finish' I mean 'start.'"

(more laughter)

But I did it!! For my new niece-in-law's 21st birthday on Saturday, I started and finished a face cloth in cotton chenille and a Soap Sweater in Noro Kueryon. (From that stash that is waiting to become a Lizard Ridge Afghan!) And I was only 20 minutes late to the party!


Noro Soap Sweater

And on Sunday evening, for my niece's first birthday, I started and finished a Soap Sweater made with scraps of Dream in Color (she has a Soap Sweater to match her sweater!) and a Blankie Buddy using....let's just say the second half of the same yarn I used for the last one! And this time I was only 10 minutes late to the party! Progress!

DIC Soap Sweater

Blankie Buddy

Whew! Back to sock knitting - I will finish those socks!

Keep knitting! (And I'll see you in 5 days!!!)

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)

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Lauren said...

Woo hoo RO1!!!!!!!! lolz

Yeah that was a fun week. Im glad it was you and not me in the command center though. Hee hee.