Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've got pictures!

Greetings and Dear Laura:

Oh, I am still bummed that I missed Stitches! I'm glad you went and enjoyed it - and we'll not give up, we'll get there at the same time again!

I wanted to ask what yarn you're using for your "Magic Loop" socks. It looks quite similar to the yarn I'm using for socks, also Magic Loop! I'm using Lorna's Laces in the 1776 colorway, which is listed as red, white and blue. However, the red has always looked more "maroon" to me, and local school colors are maroon and blue, so the kids wear these socks with school colors. I have to confess that I'm not wild about the color - I've had 3 colorways of Lorna's Laces now that I loved in the skein but hated the way the colors knit up. I'm starting to get leery of them. Your yarn looks like it has less white, and I think I like that better.

I'm doing cuff-down ankle socks for my niece - also a plain pattern. With so much going on, my brain is only up for what I already know well, so heel flap it is. I really do like the Magic Loop - I find I use it for most small things that I knit in the round. While I think I'll end up moving more and more toward toe-up socks, I do need more pattern support for those, while I can do a pair of cuff-down socks without any pattern.


My niece Amber came over yesterday, and brought her little girl who just turned 1. She brought along the red EZ Surprise Jacket that I made for her birthday, and so we have pictures! She is so cute in red! (For the record, the yarn in that jacket is Lorna's Laces and I love it.)

IMG_3656.JPG IMG_3655.JPG

Guess that's all for now - we're doing fine here, dad is recovering well, if not particularily patiently. ;)

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


mary lou said...

Cute baby cute sweater!

Johanna said...

I love the sweater! How can I get the pattern? I have a couple of little ones to knit for and would love to try that jacket out. Have a great weekend. Johanna