Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well, what about short-row toes?

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

At the risk of sounding as though I got a laugh at the expense of your misfortune, I have to say that I was quite humored by your post yesterday about short row heels.

And, this is a journey that you and I are sort of taking together, because look:I HAD to have a mindless break and relief for my hands from the tedious sock I was working on, so I got some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport yarn out of my stash (a wonderful gift from a former knitter who **gave** it to me because she just didn't want it any more, which I'm having a hard time imagining, but some things in this lifetime just can't be explained) and started Wendy's toe-up pattern....which has a short row toe....

This is one of many knitting adventures in which I am totally **late** to the party. I've done one pair of toe-up socks, and I used the figure-eight cast-on for them, so this short row method was completely new to me. It took me a little while to figure out how it was unfolding (because it starts with a provisional cast-on row at a position that is sort of at the base of my toes, then smaller and smaller short rows are worked for a while to form the fabric which goes from the base of the top of the toes out to the tips, then the short rows get bigger again to make the other side from the tips to the base of the toes, then the provisional cast-on is removed and voila' I'm working in the round with a whole toe completed already). It seems like clear sailing to have this toe out of the way, though.....after reading your post..... it sounds like I am in for a bit of a surprise when I get to the heel. Perhaps "mindless" does not adequately describe what I'm about to encounter on this sock. Hmmmm..... More news on that as it happens.....

Elizabeth - Your comment about picking, and that alternating knits and purls would be less tedious that way, made me laugh. I'm sure that Cynthia (a picker) was secretly cheering when she read that, too. I've actually tried the Norwegian Purl method of knitting and purling while picking, and though I was extremely impressed and excited about the possibilities, I didn't take it any further, and my tension was pretty loose, probably because I'm unpracticed at it. Perhaps I should re-visit that, because I know you're right. Also, why didn't I talk to you **before** our trip to get your advice about things like First Aid Kits??

Elaine and Sus - Thank you for your support regarding my class. For the most part, I've really been surprised by how supportive almost everybody is regarding my return to school. I expected that most people would question it, and so have been glad for a response that is so completely the opposite of what I expected.

Well, today's chores while the boys are at Vacation Bible School are to go to the grocery store (haven't yet mustered the courage this summer to take both kids along with me -- I used to do it all the time when they were smaller, but it wasn't a lot of fun then, and I don't think it would be now, either), and then I've got a lot of paper filing to do. And, two loads of laundry..... Plus, some sock knitting.

Have a great day! More soon!
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Elizabeth said...

Yeah, well you saw how much fun I was having shopping with both my boys that day before our trip to Illinois last month. ;-) I sometimes shop at night just so I can go alone!

I tried a toe-up sock once and didn't feel the need to stick with it. The one compelling argument, of using every last bit of the yarn, is a strong one, but not enough to sway me.

Elaine said...

nice job! :o)
if you want to try another cast-on method for toe-up, try the article for the Magic Cast-On for toe-up socks. it's a little confusing at first but if you use different looking needles the first time and use sport/worsted yarn to make it easier to see at first, it might be a viable option for you. personally, i like it and use it myself. see what you think of it.
and i just wanted to say again, going back to school is a courageous thing to do! and you're being a great role model to your kids! you are actively keeping your brain active and ...TONED...if it were a muscle...instead of a bunch of know what i mean! :o)
heehee! you are going to do GREAT!
keep us updated!

Marie N. said...

I printed out Wendy's toe-up sock pattern when I first started knitting again and it was too intimidating for me. When you get one done I'd love to see it! Maybe I'll dig that paper out of my file.