Monday, December 04, 2006

Still not Christmas Knitting........

Dear Laura:

I do not envy you the finishing! Maybe that's why I do so many scarves, hats and socks. Weave in the ends and off you go! When I do knit a sweater, I'm very fond of the "knit it all in one piece" method. However, I always drool over the beautiful sweaters that you produce, so I do believe that all the finishing work is worth the effort.

Here's an update on the "not Christmas Knitting:"

1. Feather and Fan scarf for mom (note that this pattern does not lend itself to multi-tasking. You answer a question while knitting a pattern row,'s just not pretty.) NOTE: This scarf is going to be 3 skeins. 1.3 are knitted up AND I've bought yarn to add a pair of matching mittens.

2. Warm brown hat for middle brother DONE
3. Socks for middle SIL (they are always doing something for me!) 2nd Sock finished, 1st sock 1" of cuff done.

4. Fuzzy feet for niece-who-is-also my beautician Hmmm, we'll see......
5. Tech guy socks with the Apple logo for my Mac-pusher friend. HA - I bought yarn, but it's fingering weight and the pattern calls for sport weight. This will likely be the first project to drop off the list.
6. Angora baby know, we draw names for the exchange on Thursday, and if I get one of the baby girls...and then I could do a little sweater or some socks, or mittens.... Well, I didn't get either of their names for Christmas, so this is probably off. But maybe if I did TWO hats, so both would get one....
7. I know, I know, there was no 7 on the original list. But I need - oh say - a dozen "little gifts" to pass out at work, and I have this experimental project.....more about that later.

I was happy with my progress this weekend, so I'm not freaking out. Of course, what would I have to freak out about - I'm not doing any Christmas knitting.....

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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Marie N. said...

an exerimental project -- always intriguing.

Good luck with the not-for-Christmas knitting.