Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doorbells and exhaust fans...

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

When I was walking down the street one day with my kids, they picked up the irony of this car being parked next to the sign and they thought I should take a photo of it, so I did the best I could with my cell phone:
(Sign says "NO PARKING ANY TIME." Hopefully this bodes well for them when they start parking their own cars (starting in six years). Thankfully it's not *my* car...because I totally didn't catch this... (Perhaps riding my bike or the bus to school for the past two years has ruined my ability to read/comprehend signs regarding parking...)

So, our doorbell was ringing only sometimes when the button was pushed. This would have been great if it *didn't work* when the person ringing the bell was a politician with viewpoints in opposition to mine, and if it *did* work when it was the Publishers Clearinghouse coming to tell me that I was the big winner. However, one of our babysitters ended up standing outside for five minutes one day before we figured out she was even there, so time to get the problem taken care of. Here is the old doorbell:
It is laying on the kitchen floor. Note that the brown cover typically fell to the floor every time one of my kids got mad and slammed the bathroom door upstairs.

Here is the new doorbell, installed in the same place as the old one, by a nice electrician. Notice how it is smaller, and there is a bolt sticking out from the wall an inch above it (remains of the mounting hardware from the old doorbell). Not too bad, though someday I'll remove the bolt, patch the hole, and re-paint...but not today:
I *do* appreciate that it does not have the fake chimes on it.

In other riveting news, the master bathroom fan had a serious bearing problem, and here is the new fan installed by the same electrician:
It works really well, much better than the old one, and I only notice that it is a different size and shape than the old one when I look up....(which, oddly, happens more than you might think...) Not too big of a deal. Again, some day I'll re-paint...

Not as exciting as knitting...
...but that's what's going on at our house :-)

I did start a new knitting project today, but I am so mad at it right now and still have a few missed yarn-overs to fix.... but in the next day or two I might be able to bring myself to take a photo of it and share it with you. Until then, I hope that you have a great week!

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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