Friday, July 23, 2010

All the news that isn't...

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

First, this is what it looks like when a person has just finished the last of her grad school classroom work and goes to the Union Terrace next to Lake Mendota for a few beers IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON:
(My kids were with their grandma, at Grandparents University, so it was a rare occasion for me to actually go drinking with my classmates.) The gal next to me in the photo is the only other mom in my class, and I think she is the second oldest, maybe four years younger than I am?) I don't actually style my hair to look like that; there was a little bit of wind that day. I might have had a slight sunburn accident after losing track of time. I blame the Leinie's Honey Weiss. I'm going to really miss my classmates... Clinicals start on August 2nd.

So, I'm in need of a new goal and decided to begin training for a 5 mile race (Al's Run 8K) which I'll run with my siblings in October. I currently regularly run 3 miles several times a week, but I've been wanting to step up the intensity, so I'm going to be starting a new training regimen next Monday. Okay, so on to knitting content...

Here is the current status of the Hanami Stole:You might notice that it looks very much like the previous photo I posted of it, except for it is now without the errant part and slightly longer:
I had to tink back 12 rows and then re-knit. It turns out that I had skipped two rows the first time around, so I'm keeping better track of things this time... I think I have to work this pattern repeat six or seven times, and then things get more interesting... Slow going, because this is my project for home, and I haven't had a lot of time to just sit around knitting at home...

Also, remember the ugly sock? ...which I ripped out? (I know - you thought it was gone for good! Sorry...)
I'm using the same yarn and just a plain 2x2 ribbing pattern this time, and I think it looks so much better. I don't know why -- same colors -- but for some reason it is much easier for me to look at:
Here is the current status of the "pair," and I'm going to post my basic sock pattern soon, just so that I can remember what it is, and in case anybody else is interested in it.
I've tried a lot of various methods for making a basic sock, and have finally cobbled together a combination of techniques which have become my own "best practice" for making a standard, good fitting sock for myself. I really like the 2x2 ribbing, because it is snug without being too tight, and I think it just looks nice, though it is a little tedious...but for something I continue to cart around to various kids' activities, it is perfect.

Speaking of kids' activities, for baseball, a parent is required to work in the concession stand during one game... I'm telling you, when it rains on a day you are signed up to volunteer, it is like winning the lottery. I had worked only half hour (normally would be 2.5 hours) when the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. Volunteer time *done*.

Volunteer time is also required for the swim team. I signed up to work in the "Clerk of Course" area. The idea of the thing is that the Clerk of Course lines up the kids and then delivers them to their proper position just prior to the start of each event. Picture an 8x8 matrix of chairs, and then picture trying to get 64 eight year olds to each sit in his/her own specific chair as he/she is awaiting his/her turn to approach the starting blocks of the pool...and picture me trying to remain calm and nice about the whole thing for 4.5 hours on a very hot Saturday morning. One father started raising his voice at me when I wasn't exactly understanding what he was trying to tell me, so I kindly looked him in the eye and just said in a pathetic way, "You know, this is a really hard job for me," and that was enough to bring him back to civility, though he probably thinks I'm mentally impaired (which I haven't ruled out myself...) I actually enjoyed the work, though, because it's constant and the time goes fast, and I'm a stickler for details, so getting kids into their proper chairs is a skill I didn't really know I had, but I'd do it again...but not until next season :-)

Well, I suppose I'd better get started on making supper. One of my classmates is coming over for dinner. More soon! I went yarn shopping last week, just sayin'...

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)

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Cindy G said...

Congratulations! A milestone worthy of a beer.