Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Greetings and Dear Laura:

I thought of you all day yesterday, going to your first day of classes. I hope that all went well (you know, you were able to find your classroom and all that...) and that you're enjoying your new adventure! And I hope you enjoyed your high-school reunion. It sounds like a fun thing to do - having all the classes. I always wished I could attend reunions from the classes before and after mine - my friends were in various classes.

THANK YOU so much for hosting me on my long-holiday weekend! I can't believe it's been two weeks already - it doesn't seem like I've taken a deep breath since I left Madison! I did have a bit of a "travel problem" later that day. There were 3 trains that I could take to Chicago that would let me catch the last train to South Bend. The schedule worked best for me to take the last train - the 3:49. The only ride I could get to the train station got me there at 2:55, so I had almost an hours wait - plenty of knitting time. Except I "remembered" the schedule wrong - the train left at 2:49, just five minutes before I got there! I had no choice but to take an extra day off and travel the next morning. Just to top off the day, I needed to take a city bus back to my friend's house. I got on and told the driver I'd never taken a city bus there - how much was the fare. She replied, "Normally it's $1, but do you have a senior citizen card?" As much as I'm looking forward to discounts, it wasn't the best time for that offer..... ;)

I have a couple of finished objects from the trip. I had already finished these socks when I saw you - I got my God-daughter to model them for me.
Her little sister was so impressed that she requested a pair for her birthday out of the leftover yarn. (I still have a couple of weeks for those...) I did also get an order for a pair in pink and purple for the sock model! (Isn't it amazing that this second grader is wearing my socks and they fit so well??)

The baby sister, my youngest God-daughter, got this Blankie Buddie. This one is actually a bunny like in the original pattern that I've been modifiying. It's a fun pattern, and I'll make more using the yarn I picked up at The Sow's Ear.

While I was visiting my friends, I got to see one of my older projects - my major baby sweater.
Originally knitted for the oldest (who is now modeling my socks!) this sweater has been worn by 5 children now and shows no worse for the wear! The color-work looks amazingly complicated, but for this pattern Dale of Norway did not give me three colors in the same row, so it worked pretty smoothly, as I recall. Finishing gave me fits, so I asked for help, but the knitting was just plain fun!

Well, I have two weeks to catch up on - this is just a start. Every day, I would think - "today I will find a couple of minutes for just a short post" but really - there never were even those few minutes! Finally, things have calmed down, so I can think of such things as "knitting" and "posting!"

Keep knitting! (and studying!!)

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Marie N. said...

The baby sweater is wonderful! And how gratifying it must be to know so many babies have worn it.

Lauren said...

Wow i havent ever seen that baby sweater!!!! Its amazing!

Glad you made it through the trip and the party this last weekend :) Time for knitting now!