Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

He is risen, indeed!

DH came home with some daffodils yesterday, my favorite flower, the flower of hope! I love them! Perfect for Easter -- New life!There are roses in the background of this photo which my five year old and I received as we were exiting the church after Hazel's funeral this past Tuesday. It was a nice service, and I was glad to be there with my extended family. My five year old was the only child there, and he was really missing his older brother. Not the best Spring Break activity for him.

Two days later, I took him to the doctor because he had a sore behind his ear which wasn't resolving, and he was diagnosed with impetigo (bacterial skin infection) and is now on systemic and topical antibiotics. Also not the best Spring Break activity for him.

You may know that impetigo can be caused by strep or staph bacteria. You might be wondering if a child's mother might contract strep throat by being in the vicinity of her child who has impetigo. That is affirmative. I was highly suspicious yesterday, because I had pain when I swallowed and a fever approaching 102F which came on suddenly without having additional cold symptoms, so I went to urgent care and they put me on antibiotics. By 4:00 this afternoon, I should no longer be contagious. I am so very bummed out that I can't go to church this morning, on Easter, this most festive holiday which my family celebrates. At least my folks and my sister's family are still coming over from the Milwaukee area this afternoon for a nice meal.

In knitting news, I finished the body of my "Supernova turned vee-neck" sweater, and one sleeve. This is on my Mission Possible list, and I'm trying to finish it up this month.

The Alderman campaign has stepped into high gear, though is going quite well. The incumbent stopped by my house the other night to ask if he could put one of his signs in my yard. (He must not know that I am working for his opponent. He was primarily interested in our house because we live on a corner which has some decent traffic flow.) It was actually cathartic, because he asked me why I was supporting the other candidate, so I had an opportunity to calmly explain to him my reasons. There is one particular issue of great contention in our district right now, and he is possibly the only person in the district who supports it, yet he won't let it drop. It was pretty clear that he was more interested in winning the argument than in winning my vote, which really just makes things easier for our campaign. Election April 1st, and then you won't have to hear me go on about that any more....

Well, I should get a few things ready for our guests this afternoon. I hope this finds you having a joyous holiday!

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


allisonmariecat said...

I hope you two recover quickly! How miserable. At least you have the flowers to cheer you up.

Cindy G said...

Oh the strep sounds lousy, hope you're doing better soon, and that you had a good family Easter.

marit said...

Happy Easter!
I hope you recover soon.
Love the way the sweater turns out:-)

Marie N. said...

Oh, I do hope you are both feeling better soon. You turned in the V-neck direction and sprinted along! That's some fast work.