Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Math Question.....

Greetings and Dear Laura:

Hello! I keep starting a post, and then I get interrupted and I haven't saved, and I don't get back to it - SO. I'm going to start posting, and if I don't get EVERYTHING in, I'm putting it up anyway! It may end up being a bunch of small posts, but it's better than nothing!

First of all - THANK YOU for the great math that you did on my Ribbons Baby Blanket! It was really fun to see how you figured that. Since you did such a great job, I have another question for you to figure. Here is the information:

1. The due date of the baby is March 10.
2. They live in Texas.
3. My sil (the grandmother) is leaving on March 6th to stay with them.
4. I need to be at 100 stitches per side by March 1.

So my question is:

If the blanket is off the needles and blocked on February 12, is this a sign of the endtimes?


I really enjoyed this blanket - it went pretty quickly. I used Dale of Norway Baby Ull and size 5 needles. (This was a stunning departure from my usual modus operandi. That was the yarn and needle size called for in the pattern! BONUS - the yarn I used is all leftover from previous projects!!) I didn't knit completely as written however. The pattern called for the color "ribbons" to alternate between stockinette and reverse stockinette. After I had gotten through several color changes, I decided that I didn't like the look, so I ripped out and did the blanket all in stockinette stitch.

I did see a finished blanket knit according to pattern, and I did like the final blocked version better than I thought I would, but I still like the stockinette better. I also have to confess that I didn't actually carry the pattern with me - it was easily memorized. Knit a round. Next round, (knit to the corner, increase) 4 times. Repeat. Change color every 8 rounds. The most difficult part was remembering if I should increase when I got to a corner, or if I was on an even row!

So, it's finished, and I'm back to work on my yellow baby blanket. And working on my "Mission Possible" list - what a fun idea!

Ok, gotta run, more later!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


YarnThrower said...


Hmmm... Not sure if it means the end times are here, though because this did not become a last minute all-nighter kind of an effort, I'm sure there is some meaning in that... Are you relaxing knowing your **victory**? What a **fun** blanket!

(I suppose the tricky part of this now becomes making sure everybody will remember to pack the blanket for its long trip...)

Marie N. said...

It looks so cheerful! How great that you were able to use leftover yarn for the whole thing.

Cindy G said...

I love the bright colors! What a happy blanket.

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing you at the FW Guild Meeting - are you able to come? We met at the workshop last year that the guild put on.
Your blanket is great - I am itching to start one - but should probably finish the other two I have started!:)
Laura in Ari