Friday, October 05, 2007

Just an ordinary person.......

Greetings and Dear Laura:

Oh what cute slippers! Don't you just love quick little projects?? FO's are the best.

And welcome to Ravelry - isn't it grand? I'm DesignatedKntr, as I see you've already found! (I would have a user name that is too long!!) I haven't entered ALL of my stash by any means, but I do have most of the.....hmm, how to say....."readily visible" portion of the stash entered. There are still 3-4 large totes in my bedroom that I haven't even contemplated posting yet!

I've been busy with all manner of things - altho not nearly enough knitting to keep up with my current version of a plan!

Although, I've come to the conclusion that the plan is flawed. It always is. You see, I keep forgetting that I'm just an ordinary person. You would think that as often as my knitting slaps me down, this little fact would be imbedded in my brain, but it is not so.

Earlier this year, I took a class at
Knitting Today on using the Magic Loop method of circular knitting. We made a cute little baby hat. (My little baby slapped me down in public! I was the one in the class who wrapped my yarn wrong from when I changed needles and ended up adding 2 stitches to each round. So much for feeling like, "I teach knitting classes! I'll pick this up without even trying!" (See, I usually deserve it when I get slapped!))

One thing that Lea-Ann stressed was that we should always push or pull the needle end, and that we should NEVER pull the cable. If you pull the wrong side of the cable, you pull the needle right out of the stitches. (Go ahead, ask me if this is true....) Despite proving to myself that this is true, I confess that I continued to "pull the cable." You see, as I eventually explained to Lauren, deep down I was convinced that I'm superior to those people who would pull the wrong side. I am perfectly capable of paying attention to what I'm doing, and since I know what to be careful of, all will be well. Besides, trying to push the cable?? Not so much.

So we're knitting along at lunch and I'm working on the Ribbons Blanket, using the magic loop method, when for the SECOND TIME in less than an hour.....I pulled the needle out of the stitches. Lauren may have laughed at me. I was forced to face that fact that I am JUST AN ORDINARY PERSON.

Next post we will discuss how a pair of baby socks slapped me silly. (Yes, Magic Loop is involved, NO, I didn't pull the cable.....)


Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)

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Lauren said...

You know, you may be just an ordinary person, but you are STILL a knitting goddess as far as I am concerned!!! :-D