Thursday, October 18, 2007

And stash enhanced.....

Greetings and Dear Laura:

So, knitting merrily along and making baby progress all the while. I finished the little blue cashmere hat in just 2 days!


It was a fun knit, and I really like the finished project. I now have a boy hat, a girl hat, and 3 that are for either. At least 2 of those will go to my new great-niece/nephew scheduled to be born on the 29th, so there's always more to do!

As soon as I cast off the blue hat and wove in the ends, I cast on a blanket for a baby due in January.


I'm using the stash-lost-found-lost yarn, 7 balls of red and 2 of blue to make this blanket. My friend Kathryn specifically requested that the blanket be made of this yarn, since the blanket I made for her 2nd child was in this yarn and she really likes the feel and wear of it.

I'm using a pattern that I found on Ravelry - yay!! It's a fun pattern to knit - I've finished the first ball of yarn already! The pattern makes up to be smaller than I wanted, so I cast on 146 stitches, and I think I'll be somewhere more than 30" wide, and 35-40" long. At this rate, I could have it done yet in October! (Why am I so opposed to size 8 needles!?!?!)

Last Saturday, I made a trip up to
Knitting Today to pick up a few things that I had picked out a few weeks ago. The Cash Vero yarn for the blue hat was new, but they had sold out of the blue, so I ordered that. I also ordered Addi Turbo Lace needles in size 0, 47" for magic loop lace sock knitting. And I grabbed up the last copy of Cat Bordhi's new sock book, and put that on hold.


So Saturday I drove up, and picked up the yarn and the book (the needles weren't in) and also found...(of course) some Universal Deluxe yarn in a lovely blue colorway which will also make some cute baby hats AND another Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket - I love that pattern!


I also picked up a Fiber Trends pattern for a lace baby blanket that I had picked out on my last trip. I have the yarn for this (thank you for picking up the silk/wool laceweight at Blackberry Ridge for me last spring!) and that will be my next baby blanket. I need one in March, and possibly one in January. I haven't decided if my niece's second baby will also get a lace baptismal blanket. She's lobbying for it, but I'm trying to be a realist!!


Oh, and at the last minute I grabbed a pom-pom maker that looked easier to use than my current one. (wink!)


Alright, that's it for now - keep knitting!!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)

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Cindy G said...

Love the little blue hat, and I can only imagine how soft it must be. What a lucky baby!