Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday is Sewing Day - 2nd edition

Greetings and Dear Cynthia,

I woke up to a crisis situation this morning. My six year old was very excited about losing a tooth yesterday. He put it in an envelope, sealed the envelope, placed it under his pillow, went to bed, then at 6:00am this morning he woke up dh and me to show us the envelope, still sealed and having the tooth in it. Hmmm... Dh suggested to our son that he try putting it under his pillow again tonight. They all went down to breakfast, and my son seemed okay with it. Five minutes later, with the boys downstairs eating breakfast, dh came upstairs with a dollar, carefully opened the envelope, put the dollar inside the envelope with the tooth, and re-sealed it. Apparently my son had been discussing with dh about how perhaps there was money inside the envelope, and that he should have maybe checked that out, so after breakfast, my son opened the envelope and voila', the money my dh had placed in the envelope five minutes earlier was found and all was well....though, it got my son thinking..... Why didn't the tooth fairy take this particular tooth? Does this mean that he is supposed to take this particular tooth to school for show and tell? And how did the money get into the sealed envelope? Is the tooth fairy magical? He decided that the tooth fairy is **not** magical - that she had taken a new envelope out of my supply drawer, placed the tooth and dollar into it, and then sealed it. I didn't ask him how the tooth fairy might have gotten into the house in the first place, or known where I keep the new envelopes.....I suggested that there are some things in life which are just simply puzzles, and left it at that.....

Anyway, Tuesday is sewing day, so I finished up the second valence for my work room: When I turned 40 years old, my sister in law gave me a witch's ball. (I tried not to read too much into that.) I have had it hanging from the empty valence rod for the past three years or so, and I like that the light shines through it, so I wanted to leave it there. Hence, I made the valence "divided" to accomodate the witch's ball. Other sewing activites today are to do some pinning on the quilt I showed you yesterday.

Oh, and here is the bulk of my yarn stash: I do have some project leftovers which fill a basket and a dresser drawer in addition to this (full disclosure :-) but the stuff shown here in the bags and plastic bins is what I have for new projects -- I think it is about three sweaters worth, plus about six pairs of socks, a pair of mittens, some Christmas decorations, some leftover yarn to make some lace scarves, a baby blanket or two, and a bin which just has leftover Heilo in it to make some hats and mittens. After reading blogs which describe entire rooms devoted to stash yarns, I'm convinced that my stash is somewhat modest, and I **definitely** tell dh that every time I make a new yarn purchase..... There you have it! I've "flashed my stash".

Well, I didn't get my grocery shopping done yesterday (Monday is "Grocery shopping day"), and I'm stalling on it again today, though I think I'll make due by going to a place called Brennan's to pick up some nice fresh veggies. That, along with some frozen chicken breasts we have in the freezer, and I think I can put off going to the grocery store for another day!

Knitting content in my next post, I promise! I'm about to start the hood on my Godson's sweater, and I have word that my Sapporo accessroy kit (zipper and cinch cord) will probably arrive at my house on Thursday, so time to bite the bullet and start sewing/cutting to assemble the sleeves to the body.

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Sus said...

Ah yes, the tooth fairy. Enjoy it while he's not questioning too closely. ;)

Thanks for the stash flash! I'm like you -- it seems like so much yarn until you see what other people have got.

MollyBeees said...

That's a baby stash compared to some of them out there! No guilt as you buy more to try and compete! LOL. Tooth Fairy Law says that if she forgets to take the tooth, you get to try again the next night! :-)

Jennifer said...

I think our stashes are relatives. Mine is almost exactly the same size. We've knit the same Dale of Norway pattern and purchased the same Noni bag pattern. If we lived near each other, we would probably belong to the same knitting group and shop for projects together.

I've picked out the cutest sweater to make for my neice for Christmas. I won't start on it until September, but I'm already looking forward to it.

barb outside boston said...

When my daughter was 9, she had to unexpectedly have SIX! teeth pulled, and I completely forgot to give her money! She came up with the excuse herself--she had put them in a plastic bag instead of the 'official' tooth holder and the tooth fairy couldn't unzip it!

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, the tooth fairy story made me laugh! I'm so glad it worked out :)

I don't think your stash is that big. Mine is much smaller, but we have a tiny apartment. When we have a bigger place, I'm sure it'll spread.