Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hmm, not much to show for it.....

Howdy all! It seems like I've been doing TONS of knitting lately.....but when I look around, there's nothing new to take a picture of!

I do have all the parts of the ladybug hat done and ready for assembly. I almost picked it up last night and started sewing spots on, but I decided, just for kicks, to READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST. (Just for you Lauren!!) Turns out I need to do a column of duplicate stitch first, and I wasn't in the mood for that, so it was back to the project du jour.

Bridal Shower. I have 1.5 washcloths and 2 soap sweaters. I had delusions of a couple of felted baskets and a bath mat. HA! I started a felted box 2 days ago at lunch, and I have it 30% done. At which point my arms, wrists and hands all screamed in unison "OUCH! STOP THIS!!" I know I can't knit cotton, but come on, this is wool!! Evidently REALLY chunky wool with big needles is out too. And it answers the question of "Yes, the bathmat is out of cotton, but it will probably be ok, right??" No. Frankly, the last bit if the washcloth is gonna be it for me and cotton for a while. (Who's looking for a good deal on 3 cones of tan kitchen cotton?? And a copy of the Mason Dixon Book? The three projects I really wanted to do aren't working out....)

Here's the begining of the felted box - I love the colors and how it's turning out! I thought I'd put in an "accent stripe."

Once I had knitted it in, I decided that I liked the two skinny stripes on the "wrong side" better than the single stripe. Further reading of the instructions (Yes Lauren, I read the directions!) tells me that when assembled, the "wrong side" is actually on the outside, so that worked out just grand! I do hope to finish this project, a few rows at a time, and I'm hoping that it will be firm enough that I don't have to felt it, because I love the look and feel of it as is.

Work has gotten crazy-busy this week, so I'm pretty wiped and brain-dead when I get home. Someone started this "faux beach" area outside my cubicle, and we've all been finding little ways to accent the theme.

Wishful thinking.........

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Sus said...

Wow, I'm sorry you're having knitting problems. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't knit cotton. Well, I probably wouldn't knit at all, actually, because the whole reason I learned was to make the cotton dishcloths our family loves so much after my grandma, who had lovingly supplied them, died. Huh, how different my life would actually be right now.

I would be interested in the cotton, but not until next month when I get paid again and when I am done (hopefully) giving all my extra money to the chiropractor. :)

I love the colors of your little box. The accent stripe is really nice. Good combo!

Berry Gal said...

I would be interested in the book...

Lauren said...

You read the directions!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you. :-D Sniff.... *tear* my little Cynthia is growing up!