Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Dear Cynthia,

Merry Christmas to me! I just finished Hardangervidda (while dh is at the grocery store). It is wrapped and under the tree, ready to be opened tonight after church and after the festive dinner which dh has made a Christmas Eve tradition for us -- fried shrimp, fries, green beans, and cheesecake (mac and cheese for the boys).

I blocked the shoulders and neckline, so now those areas are behaving much better (though I'll wash and re-block the entire thing when I have more time to let it dry, to benefit the sleeve seams and all of the hems). I sewed in the metal zipper so that dh may wear the sweater. When I get the Dale zipper, I'll show the intermediate steps as I sew that one in more securely. (Also, I'll let you know, Elizabeth, if my husband's reaction to this gift is one of worship...though I have to say I have my doubts :-)

I started this on September 27; I finished it on December 24th, of **the same year**. (It was a bit of a lofty goal for me with everything else going on around here, and also my complete lack of commitment to any one knitting project at any one given time. More on goals as I think about the new year later this week. Also, I realize that this completely pales in comparison to the Yarn Harlot who used this pattern for her Knitting Olympics project, completing it in something like 16 *days*.)

Anyway, after just completing three sweaters for gifts for the other three people who live in this house, I started a new and very easy sweater for myself in the car yesterday as we headed toward Milwaukee. My six year old asked me what I was making. I said a sweater. He asked who it was for. I said it was for me. He then asked how come I always make everything for myself..... Sigh.....

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Warmest regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Marie N. said...

You have done an amazing job!

alltangledup said...

wow what a gorgeous sweater.... it's really beautiful and you finished it in a bout 3 months, a tremendous undertaking.

wishing you and your family a happy christmas! Polly

RPW said...

Wow....wonderful job. That is just beautiful! Thanks for letting us in on the whole process

Designated Knitter said...

That is just amazing! I'm speechless!

Hope you had a Blessed Christmas celebration!

Lauren said...

Such a beautiful sweater. You are so talented. I hope one day I can knit things like you can (or like cynthia can!)