Monday, June 11, 2007

Sockapalooza 4 Begun!


Well, another weekend passed at lightening speed. I was really excited to have my new clothesline installed - I got to sleep on freshly laundered sheets that had been hung outside to dry! I love that smell.......

I finished the Jaywalker Fingerless Mitts in time to mail them out on Saturday morning! Here's a picure of the finished project.

I really like the look of them being worn better than just laying out. It really makes a difference. The measurements are smaller than the recipient's, but they stretch and fit really well.

I also included a pair of "Knit & Purl" stitch markers for
Poor Miss Finch to either add to the prize stash or else keep for herself. This knit-along/contest was such a lovely thing for her to do!

I started my Sockapalooza Socks! I kind of made an event of it. Saturday morning I stopped by the Wool Barn to see if the two sock books that I had ordered were in - no such luck. I also "visited" my swift and ball-winder, and wound up my top-two yarn choices. I then drove up to Knitting Today, and purchased a 47" needle so that I could use the Magic Loop method.

Then it was back home to choose a pattern. I wanted: Toe-up with a figure-8 cast on. Short Row heel. Lacy, cabley, something pretty and interesting. Most of all, a pattern that I liked as written - I didn't want to be "tweaking" it. I enjoyed browsing the patterns, and I settled on "Waders."

I was able to cast on and got through 2 pattern repeats. I'm really happy with the pattern/yarn combo. I looked up cabling without a cable needle, and I started out doing that. However, it's a new technique for me, and I got to the point where I had to choose the technique, or "reading my knitting" so that I didn't have to follow the text of the directions. I decided to chart the pattern so that I could move away from the text. I also (cough"tweaked"cough) decided that I wanted the eyelet zigzags to mirror each other, rather than match. So I charted accordingly, frogged back, and found that with the chart and no cable needles, the pattern flows very nicely.

So, I'm off and running!

Keep knitting,

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)


Carrie said...

I love those Jaywalker mitts--what a great way to show off that pattern!

The socks look good, too--I haven't seen that pattern before, very nice.

Elizabeth said...

Those Jaywalker mitts are too cool! Great job.

Marie N. said...

The mitts will be I hit! They look great.

On some small project recently I tried cabeling without a cable needle. I can see how it is a useful, timesaving technique! But I did not get enough practice at it at the time. I can imagine how quickly it is going for you.

Now I'm working on a sweater with lots of cable rows, but I'm using a needle. My stitch tension is very uneven if I don't.

Leigh said...

i absolutely love your jaywalker mitts! love love love them! the colors are fantastic and how they are made are truly wonderful!

Danielle said...

Both the mitts and the socks are beautiful.

Jenifer said...

I have seen the Jaywalker sock pattern, but I'm impressed that you converted it to mitts! I guess I'm just not that brave about sock patterns...they look wonderful and I would love to make a pair. If you ever write the mitts pattern, I hope you share it. :-)