Monday, February 27, 2012

More Stitches

Greetings and Dear Laura;

Every year, when we plan our trip to Stitches, our little group discusses what of our knitting we can wear. We always enjoy seeing what the other knitters are wearing, but it's August in Chicago, so we always feel too hot to think of it. Since I was planning to attend Stitches West in February in northern California, it seemed that something knitted might be nice. The night before I left, I had to admit that the Burnished Leaves cowl was not going to be ready.

Enter Sue, who had brought a shawl that she had just finished to show us. She kindly offered to let me borrow it! It was the perfect thing to wear. I was a little chilly but a sweater would have been too much and my cowl not quite enough. I received several compliments and several requests for a link to the pattern.

(One person asked if I knitted my shawl and I truthfully told her that one of my friends knitted it. However, when people just said they liked it, I felt that 'thank-you' was appropriate.) The pattern is by Karen Frederickson as part of her Knit Happy Club offerings. I hope she'll make it available outside of the club soon!

That's all for today!

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter)



Lauren said...

I was wondering where that shawl came from! Looks nice on you :-)

YarnThrower said...

Great photo!! Love the shawl, too!

YarnThrower said...

Great photo!! Love the shawl, too!

GotYarn said...

I love your pattern, baby booties w/o seams. I've made one bootie, came out good. I really would like it smaller, more for a newborn to a 3 month old. If I use smaller needles, would this work. I'm fairly new to knitting socks, but have made several pairs, so i've learned how to use dpn's.

YarnThrower said...

Dear GotYarn,

I think it would be fine to use smaller needles, but make sure that you also use a smaller gauge yarn which is compatible with your smaller needle choice. I wish I could give you more specific advice than that; however, I haven't experimented very much with the size...


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Annette Allyn Aguilar said...

Found your blog at about 4:30 am. I am a very early riser. I was intrigued w the grey and white knitted thing in the heasding. The thing with the tiny dots. I wondered if it is a bootie. If so please may I have the pattern?

Annette Allyn Aguilar said...

I would like q make booties en mas so I am looking for an excellent seamless patten.
Double pointed needles are fine with me. Can you help?

YarnThrower said...

Annette, The gray and white thing in the heading is part of Dale of Norway sweater. If you are interested in a seamless baby bootie pattern, check out the side-bar of our PickinAndThrowin blog. There are two different versions, one of them is "toe up," and the other is "top down." Best wishes, Laura

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