Thursday, October 22, 2009

Miniature hats take a lot less time

Greetings, and Dear Cynthia,

Here is the current state of my my "boring tan sock yarn" that matches yours:
I'm thinking about what sort of sock I'm going to make with it -- probably an original pattern. It was soooo great to visit with you, even if only for a couple of hours, while I was in Fort Wayne a couple of weeks ago! Next time we'll have to make sure we have some time to knit...

I've had a whirlwind week at school, and let's just say that I survived, even having to leave early yesterday to care for my sick seven year old. 41% of my ortho grade was determined within a span of 24 hours (and included three different, though all high-stress, assessments). I also had to give a 20 minute presentation for a different class on Tuesday, but now I am virtually done with that class for the rest of the year. Big sigh of relief, so today I'm here to tell you about actual knitting progress.
I finished the pair of Tofutsies socks on our way home from Fort Wayne:
I used the "Diagonal Lace" pattern from the Wendy Knits book "Socks from the Toe Up." It's the first time I've used the "heel flap" style on a toe-up sock:
It will be interesting to wear these socks which contain fiber from shrimp and crab shells...

I also finished a cute little hat ornament, shown here with a can of soda for scale:
I *LOVE* the beads! It is from a Blackberry Ridge kit, "Mini Hat and Mitten Ornaments," and there should be enough materials for me to make all of the ornaments shown on the front of the pattern. I'm not sure if I'll keep them or give them away as gifts... Nice to tackle something which I can finish in a reasonable amount of time given my schedule these days.

I am contemplating making sweatshirt/hoodies for DH and the boys for Christmas. Recall that I did this last year, and though I finished them at the final hour, it was not without a certain amount of stress. I get done with classes/exams on December 22nd, I think, so not sure if such an idea would be wise with the rest of my obligations... Well, actually, I'm quite certain that such an idea is *unwise* and *unrealistic*...but isn't that how we knitters/sewers are? Anyway, stay tuned to see if sanity reigns or not...

I hope this finds you all well! I'm going to go make another knitted ornament :-)
Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Cindy G said...

Oh the little beaded hat is so cute!

Congrats on passing the assesments.

Jane said...

Some great FO's here. Love those socks!

Laikabear said...

I like the shrimp sock! I wonder if someone allergic to shellfish could safely wear it... :)

I made a few gifts last year (nothing as ambitious as a sweater) but I don't think I have the stamina this year. Although, the mini-hat looks pretty quick. Very cute!!

Molly Bee said...

Ohh! I got that ornament kit but I haven't dipped into it yet. Love the tofutsies sock! That pattern is perfect!!! I can relate to the boring sock yarn. I have to get started on a pair of plain white ones for Gram for Christmas. Plain white yarn and 1x1 rib. Bleck!