Thursday, June 11, 2009

Found object

So I'm just going to try quick bits instead of official BLOG POSTS.

I've been really overwhelmed lately, so I've been cleaning closets and storage areas to help cope. Today I finally found this bowl, which sat on my Grandma Schroeder's dining room table when I was a child. It had wax grapes in it, but I loved the grape-purple color and the interesting shape. After it became mine, I bought beaded fruit for it, but it has all been packed away since my last move (2003 or 2004.). I knew it had to be somewhere and today I hit the jackpot!

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Lauren said...

Wow thats pretty modern looking for something your grandma had! I like it :-)

Designated Knitter said...

Thank you! I agree - it always stood out among the more ornate and old fashioned furnishings in my grandparents house. However, so much of that was my great-grandmother's furniture that was in the house when my grandmother came along as a new bride. The newer bits were more into the mid-century modern style, which I really love. So, it fits right in!