Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Greetings and Dear Laura:

Whoo hoo! I have a finished object. A baby hat...but still.

I like to have several baby hats on hand for those 'last minute' baby gifts. It doesn't seem like something that takes 9 months should really be unexpected, but I have been grateful to have stash of these on several occasions!

This is my old standby, a "Fetching-Inspired" hat. I love Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for this. (When I make an adult hat, I like Debbie Bliss Cashmerino! Gotta love cashmere on your head!) I started this last spring, I think. It was always just something I worked on sporatically. I took it along on a road trip in late September. I finished it off on the way home, and held it up to show my brother (who offered to drive so I could knit! Best brother ever!)

He looked at it and said, "Awfully small baby." I tossed it to my SIL, who agreed that it was very small. No problem. I counted the stitches I had used (80) and frogged it and cast on again with 100, which did seem more like what I usually did. My brother asked what I was knitting now, and I showed him the ball of yarn that had been a hat a few minutes before. I said, "I'm knitting it over, but bigger."

His jaw dropped and he said, "You undid that whole hat???"

"Sure. It was too small."

He said, "I think I may puke!! All that work and you just ripped it out!?! I would have never said anything if I had known you'd do that!!"

There followed a lengthy discussion about process/product knitters, criteria for tinking, frogging and moving on, and loving to knit enough that you can re-knit a hat if need be. And for the record, if he had managed to make a major repair to a vehicle, and discovered he had done something wrong and it needed to be done again, he would most certainly re-do it. He would, however, be sick about it.

I finished the hat for the second time on Sunday evening. I noticed when I went to update my Ravelry that I had originally noted - "I cast on 100 as usual, but it looked large, so I frogged and cast on 80."

*rolled eyes*

Keep knitting!

Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)


marit said...

...but it looks pretty perfect now!

Lauren said...

LOL that is hilarious! Glad you got it right in the end ;-)