Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ha! Christmas knitting??

Greetings and Dear Laura:

Wow - I love your Subway mittens! Gorgeous colorway, and they'll be so practical too. I really hope this wool blend works for you. And congratulations on finishing your gift socks!

I'm a rather erratic Christmas knitter. I have had years when I planned ahead what I would knit, and years when it was all very spur of the moment. (Ah, my innocent first year when I learned to knit in November and decided to make mittens for my 6 nieces. Thank heavens a couple of them were still little - and I finished on Christmas Eve in the living room while everyone was eating in the dining room!) This one was one those years when I spent all of November and most of December under the impression that I wasn't going to do any Christmas knitting. (snort) Plenty of baby knitting going on.

(Baby knitting update - I whipped up a quick hat for a girl, in case that is what my niece has in the next few weeks. I had a boy hat in stock.....)
IMG_3903.JPG IMG_3838.JPG

Anyway. I finished up my Tulip sweater for my youngest niece last week, and even wove in ends and blocked it. (Here's a picture - poor thing is teething and was all drippy that day!)

Ok, ok, this does relate to Christmas knitting. So, I was left with several wips, but (this is the key) NO PRESSING DEADLINES. Which is a dangerous position to be in during the month of December. I briefly flirted with the idea of making soap sweaters for my co-workers, but counted that up and it was 10, so I put that as a "probably not." I seriously decided to break out the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine that I bought about 5 years ago and use stash yarn and leftovers to make a toddler blanket for my great-niece, who dearly covets one. Her birthday is..tomorrow, but I thought if I did the body on the machine, I could sew it up and embellish it in time. (Turns out I need to learn more about the machine. After the 5th try that either jumped off the machine or broke the yarn by the 6th row, I gave up on this idea.) Then I had several crazy thoughts of other quick projects for large groups of people....Lauren talked me down from several of those.

Last weekend, I planned to travel to visit my niece in Ohio (the one about to have a baby!) but the snowstorm that was predicted made that unwise. Left with an unexpected free weekend, I decided to spend the time knitting. I decided to see how many of the 10 soap sweaters I could do in 2 days.


The answer is 11! Isn't that wild? Most of them went pretty quickly, although the fair-isle took about 4 hours! I tried several versions getting that one started, but it was pretty fun.


I'm going to post the pattern again using the magic loop method, which I've decided I prefer. I've made enough of them now that I know how big a "field" I have to work with for the "body." I really like using the pattern idea from the Tulip sweater where color changes are done with a row of seed stitch, which makes the pretty "lacy" color changes. It was fun to use yarns from previous projects - there is a "sock monkey" one, and the special one using the left over Dream-In-Color from the Tulip sweater. And I finally found something to do with my Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Rainbow colorway - it doesn't pool in this project!!
So, I may try to whip up more of these before my family Christmas get-together, we'll see. I still have plenty of scrap yarn! Although- I have 3 pairs of socks that are getting holes, and so besides one more baby blanket, I really need to get cracking on socks for myself! And I need to get out the sewing machine to do some receiving blankets. Christmas cookies, shopping, getting ready for the party......
I'm probably done Christmas knitting!
Keep knitting!
Cynthia (aka Designated Knitter!)

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Marie N. said...

They make such a colorful medley all together like that -- kind of like Easter eggs.

I have been meaning to make one of these and I still have not gotten to it.