Friday, January 27, 2006

Dear Laura:

Well, here we are...our "team blog!"

I'm pickin' (I knit continental) and you're throwin'! I'm always fascinated watching someone who knits American....

When we were trying out various names for the blog, one of your suggestions was "It all started in Duluth..." It didn't make the final cut, but it is one of my favorite maybe we could start the blog with stories from that trip.

Ruth: "I'm not starting any new projects until I finish a few..."
Laura: "I'm not buying any new projects until I finish some..."
Cynthia: "I'm not doing projects at all. I've stopped completely."

Ruth bought nothing at the yarn store.
Laura bought yarn for a stranded ski band.
Cynthia spent $100 on yarn for a zillion projects. (Some of it is still in my stash....)

It hasn't been safe for me to be in a yarn store since.


PS - The red scarf is finished!!

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