Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Ninth Day of Christmas

Dear Cynthia,

On the ninth day of Christmas, my dear six year old went back to school. Though I really do enjoy the holidays, I'm always comforted when we return to our "normal" routine.
This photo shows my quartet during our concert this past Saturday. We are the "Madison Marimba Quartet", and in addition to some paid "gigs" throughout the year, we offer a free concert on the UW campus during the weekend between Christmas and New Years. It's a great place to bring kids during that time of year when not a whole lot is going on and people might be looking for something to do....

I have several goals for the new year. One of them is to lower my cholesterol by 40 points before May. It was 220 the last time I had it measured, which was September 2006. So, I started exercising in October and have successfully worked out for at least 30 minutes three times a week since then. I decided to re-vamp my diet, too, beginning yesterday. My brother told me about the "You" book, so I'm working through that, which has been somewhat inspiring. I keep telling myself "one step at a time". I'm not sure I'll reach my goal of 180 by May, but I liked a quote I read one time, which has really stuck with me: (paraphrased) "Shoot for the stars. You might not reach them, but you can chart your course by them."

Anyway, there are several knitting goals, too, but I'll share those in future posts. For now, I am working on the Perfect Sweater, though now I've made several more of my own revisions to make the pattern even more perfect for me. The front and back are done, and almost the first sleeve. I'm working the sleeves in the round up until the part where the shaping for the "set in" part begins, where I'll start working back and forth. Instead of a hem at the lower sleeve edge, it will be a rolled edge, to match the neckline. Also, I'll be knitting the neckline in the round instead of back and forth as called for in the pattern. Avoid sewing a seam when you can, that's what I always say :-)

I hope you are having a Happy New Year so far! Any goals? Anybody?

Warm regards,
Laura (YarnThrower)


Marie N. said...

I share your cholesterol lowering goal: I need to lower the LDL by 27. I think I have until December to do so. I started my treadmilling again this week. Walking is my favorite!

I want to knit an item for each member of my family this year. A sweater DH picked out is planned. For the two kids, I have not yet given it a thought. I have lots of ideas for myself!

Lauren said...

An "L" sweater?!?!!!!! Can i put in a order for one of those? Hahaha, just kidding. I do need to start my first sweater soon, I have had the yarn forever. (hourglass sweater from LMKG) Nice work on yours!