Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And Still With the Green Sweater

Dear Cynthia,

Well, the second time around is a charm.

You might recall seeing another sweater looking a lot like this one (only five inches smaller in circumference) just a week or two ago, which was subsequently frogged, completely.

I've tried on this second version of the green sweater in its current state and I am quite happy with the fit of it. It will be loose enough to wear as more of a jacket, which works well for how bulky the knitted fabric is, yet the ribbing in the underarm area of the body does a great job of cinching it in and giving it a hint of shape.

Things I've learned from this experience:
1.) If it is too small, then it is too small, and no amount of additional knitting using the same faulty math is going to change that.
2.) Rippit sooner rather than later.
3.) My next project will definitely not use green yarn. I've grown a bit tired of the thing, though I have to add that it is a nice, mindless project (though, apparently not TOO mindless, which could explain part of the reason to frog so much in the first place)...
4.) It's a great project to enjoy in front of the tv.
5.) I am a product knitter, and will not be ripping this out yet again just so that I might enjoy the whole process again... This has been plenty-o-fun already.

This week is my big push to "file/get rid of/act on" that big pile of paperwork that seems to accumulate of its own accord merely due to the passage of time (and the mail carrier and junk-mail senders might have something to do with that). I have piles which have been years in the making which are now reduced to about two inches worth of things which must be dealt with. Every day I do a little bit toward the goal of eliminating the piles completely, and as long as I don't rest on my laurels today and give up, allowing all of that stuff to germinate for another year, I think I might just "win" this time around. Then, I may focus my efforts on waiting for the mailman to bring me something more exciting, such as the latest issue of Cast On, due any day now....

Have a great day!
Warm regards,
Laura (aka YarnThrower)

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